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London 35mm Film Shoot – Portraits of Strangers (Snippet 20)

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London 35mm Film Shoot – Portraits of Strangers (Snippet 20)

Every roll of 35mm film I shoot on our Canon A-1 turns into an adventure. I try to think up goals for each roll, whether it’s capturing a new city, or focusing on light, or my consistent goal of getting things in focus!! Well, this roll was a mix of a bunch of things and hope you stick around through the whole video because the second half gets interesting as we take to the street and start talking up strangers in London 🙂 Ever since our first film video where I took portraits of a bunch of our friends here in Berlin, I’ve been wanting to do more of just that – getting in front of people and trying to capture the energy of the moment. While I am still getting my feet underneath me as a hobby photographer, this was such a fun way to push my limits. And for this week’s question for the lovely souls who read these video descriptions: What is something this year that you’ve done that was out of your comfort zone?? #shootfilm #35mmfilm #takingportraitsofstrangers


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