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Lost on the Mountain (Story 9)

Where would you like to Gnu?

Lost on the Mountain (Story 9)

If you’ve watched our last two videos you might have noticed I was a bit of a wild child – I loved running outside, inventing new games, and playing sports, but my wildness was contained to suburban life. Unlike Lou, I spent very little time spent exploring the woods, camping, and hiking. In fact I grew up always thinking I was a beach person, and up until now that has defined me in a strange way, but spending time in Berchtesgarten, something changed inside me. I fell in love with the mountains, with the challenges you can face when you go outside of your comfort zone, and the breathtaking beauty that comes with getting to the top of a hike. It was a hard hike and for those who watch the video to the end you’ll definitely see a bit more raw emotion than you’re used to on the channel. Also, I’ve decided to reinstate the question of the week 🙂 So, for this week if you’ve read this far, please let me know – Do you love hiking? And if yes, where is the most beautiful hiking trip/camping trip you’ve ever taken? With love, Dana


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