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My First Tattoo (Snippet 21)

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My First Tattoo (Snippet 21)

A huge thank you to Rafael ( for taking care of Lou and giving him this incredible tattoo! I have to say I think I was more nervous than Lou and also for my filming debut – so happy that the footage turned out so we can have this day memorialized forever 🙂 Since I met Lou over 5 years ago he’s been thinking about getting a tattoo and for the longest time it was just that – a thought. But then a few months back, Lou was looking at AKA’s instagram – a tattoo shop here in Berlin ( and saw that Rafael was going to be visiting from Rio. Well… it didn’t take long for Lou to realize that this was the style he’d been dreaming of and it was finally the right time to make the leap and get INKED!!! The other amazing thing is that Rafael is vegan too!! So Lou was able to get a tattoo with vegan ink 🙂 Hope you guys enjoy this little snippet from our Sunday afternoon. As for the question of the week: Anyone else have tattoos out there? Anyone been thinking of getting one for a while? Any funny stories about getting a tattoo?? We want to hear it!!


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