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Off the BOAT and straight into the HOSPITAL. (Sailing Miss Lone Star) S5E18.

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Off the BOAT and straight into the HOSPITAL. (Sailing Miss Lone Star) S5E18.

A Mothers worst fear when Bianca came to me after we reached shore and we had to rush to Hospital. On this trip up the East coast there were so many people sending us messages about safety and that we need to to this and that for safety. get better gear, get better life jackets. What if you fall overboard etc. Not once on any of my videos has anyone ever sent me a message to say stay safe on land but the first week we got off the boat the worst happened and it felt like we were more exposed to danger on land as compared to being on a small little sail boat sailing in the big ocean. This has been an eye opener and also a sad realisation that what we think is safe is not always the case. We sailed up the East coast with this pretty little white boat that we fixed up after we bought it for a dollar. Lots of experience gained and lots learned. I am now going to see if I would like to partner with the NMI in Fairhaven to do my captains licence. There are many schools over the country and I want to find one that specialises in sailing qualifications and has qualified sailing instructors. Bianca has grown a lot emotionally and has experienced things on this trip that money can’t buy. This buying a boat for a dollar season on Sailing Miss Lone Star has been amazing and something I have been working hard for. Its amazing to see how live aboard kids learn and grow. Growing up on a sailboat is not easy but very rewarding. She is doing home school and doing great.


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