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Our Plans for the Future (Snippet 17)

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Our Plans for the Future (Snippet 17)

We have a plan… well Lou and I always have a lot of plans. We love thinking about the future, whether it’s organizing the week ahead, making goals for the coming month, or even New Years resolutions. But now, and for the last few months all our future thinking has revolved around our future VAN LIFE! We hope to get a van in the early months of 2017, build it out ourselves and then potentially hit the road around April/May — eek just writing it here makes it all feel so real and so soon. At the moment our to-do list is filled with all sorts of bureaucratic hurdles: get Lou a driver’s license, renew my artist visa, find a van…. buy a van, health insurance, car insurance, and oh it goes on and on. Not to mention, there’s the whole build a van thing! And while we’re pretty handy, we don’t know anything about electricity or plumbing – two skills that will be necessary to build our little home, so I think there will be many a youtube tutorial in our future. But we wanted to share this moment in our lives to not only let you guys in on what we’ve been dreaming about, but also throw our plans into the universe and help bring all the good vibes our way – aka somehow get the most magical Mercedes 207D with a high top dropped off on our door step?? Oo and as for the question of the week – for those of you reading 🙂 what future dreams have been spinning in your brain the last few days/weeks/months? Can’t wait to hear what things await you! With love, Dana


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