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Our Trip to Portugal (Story 4)

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Our Trip to Portugal (Story 4)

Our trip to Portugal felt like a minute and a year…. When Lou and I snuck away to Portugal, I had no idea how meaningful the time away from Berlin would end up being. There’s something so special about getting time to unplug, pick up a good book, and really unwind. Not to mention that it was actually the first time since I met Lou over 6 years ago that we actually took a proper vacation as a couple. We have had the amazing opportunity to travel extensively together, but it has always been with our families, so to go away for an entire week and have a whole house to ourselves – well I have to admit we felt like real adults!! Now that we find ourselves back in Berlin, though, the hint of color my skin got while the sun shone for 6 hours is fading, and I can feel my craving for Vitamin D coming back, this trip was the perfect reminder of how much we enjoy spending time together, in nature, and I know that wherever life brings us whether that is into a van, or into a cabin, or who knows really, I will most definitely be happy because the person I love will be by my side. And for those of you who read these little descriptions – the question of the week is…. what book are you currently reading?


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