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Painting Ody Round Two (Van Build 20)

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Painting Ody Round Two (Van Build 20)

With a fresh coat of paint, our #vanconversion series is close to coming to a close! Right now I’m sitting in our almost finished van, by a beach in Southern Spain, and taking a second to stop and really appreciate the paint on the walls. It still looks crisp and fresh, and even though I can see spots I missed sanding and some of the plaster has cracked from the bouncing as the van drives along, these walls make Ody feel like a real home for us. It’s so easy to forget to appreciate the work you put in to arrive where you are, so this series is a perfect reminder to do just that. Look back at the first 6 months of the year, how much effort we put into our #vanbuild , and bask in the glory that is van life!! More on all things #vanlife in this week’s newsletter which you can subscribe to with the link below 🙂 Love from Spain, Dana (& Lou)


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