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Painting Our Van Interior (Van Build – Part 7)

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Painting Our Van Interior (Van Build – Part 7)

Enter offer code “WILDWEROAM” at for 10% off your first purchase, or visit: . . We can’t believe Ody is finally clean! The amount of rust we found left us no choice but to give this old van a complete makeover. From sanding the rust, to the rust treatment, to finally the thick rust paint, there were many stages to getting Ody ready for the build, but I’m so glad we took the time to prime him for the next stage. Now we can sleep soundly knowing that the rust problem isn’t going to grow completely out of control. As for a life update, we have 6 and a half weeks left here in Spain and we have a lot to do. After Lou and I removed the 3 leaky windows today a rain cloud started looming, and then… the sky opened. We quickly covered the windows in plastic and retreated indoors… I then checked the weather, something we should have done before removing the windows, and was shocked to see a 10 day rain storm coming towards us. The next few weeks just got a lot more interesting, so stay tuned! Love from Spain, Dana (+ Lou)


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