Ping An Long sheng China

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Ping An Long sheng China

25/11/2017 Asia 0

If your idea of China is rice fields high up on a mountain range you wont be dissapointed. We stayed in a reserve which means no motor vehicles are allowed. Read her that you have to carry your 30KG suitcase up a mountain…. But behold a 70 year old women will grasp it and throw it in her basket and skip up the little hill in a fe minute.
It was hard to walk up with out the suitcase !
What do you remember? Amazing teas , ladies with crazy long hair and a really great hike up the mountain. You dont mind paying 30p for a can of coake after 5 hours walking!!

The custom is to keep a huge ganet or two to fish for you and so in the night you can join in on the bird fishing thing and see how it was a hundred years ago….


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