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Private 8-Hour Big Game Fishing Trip from Ponta Delgada

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Private 8-Hour Big Game Fishing Trip from Ponta Delgada

The fishing of big samples of fish such as swordfish or tuna fish is an experience that you will never forget. After the capture of a sample like that, the addiction gets to you and you’ll find that you want to repeat the feat. The adrenaline goes through all the veins during a combat that can last for hours.

In this type of fishing the utilized method is the troll with artificial samples, or it can also be with dead or live bait. All the swordfish (blue or white) are freed alive, except if they are a potential record of the world.

This fishing tour lasts for about 8 hours from the departure of the marina to the arrival. During this time clients will have some snacks and beverages. All the equipment in the boat is entirely available for clients.

The entire coast of São Miguel Island is very exceptional for the practice of this kind of fishing and there are some specific benches with some varied species of fish. The location for fishing is decided upon by the skipper depending on the weather and the information collected about the routes of the fishes. This way the skipper can assure the security and comfort of the crew and clients.

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