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RUNNING AGROUND… (Scared in Africa 2018)

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RUNNING AGROUND… (Scared in Africa 2018)

Sailing Into a rocky bottom and sailing with a monkey.Talk about sailing with pets… with rough seas trying to make this traveling documentary for you guys on our Patron Van’s yacht/Sailboat. We rescued this monkey from people torturing him – we could not capture this on film. Stefan grew up in South Africa and has raised some of these very sensitive little creatures. It really broke his heart to see how the little guy was treated and we had to rescue him. We are sailing him to his new home called every living thing. We also make contact with Jane Goodall can you guys believe that!! this is all coming in the next episodes. Stay Tuned!! We sail around Zanzibar toward the north and tuck into this small Island called Tumbatu where there has not been a sailboat or white people for a very long time. This has been amazing.


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