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Searching for Flamingos (Sketchbook Stories 2)

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Searching for Flamingos (Sketchbook Stories 2)

Learning to draw from life or #urbansketch is completely unlike the practice I did drawing faces from photographs on my computer while we were living in the cottage in Spain. Now there are no tutorials to check if I have a question… there are no tables to sit at and draw comfortably… and the hardest part is that I must keep my head in one spot because if I shift my position the drawing no longer reflects what I am looking at. Photographs condense the 3D world into 2D, making it easier to see lines and shapes. From life though you get so much more though even if it is more challenging! You see texture and light and you get to create the composition just by physically moving your body to alter your perspective. I’m becoming addicted to the peacefulness that comes from stopping to truly look at the world. Taking in the smells, the shadows, the different angles… sketching outdoors is helping me learn so much faster than I ever imagined. My goal this week is to draw something from life each day in my #sketchbook so that by the time we get to filming Sketchbook Stories 3 I will be more confident in my abilities than I was #drawing boats in the marsh this week. All my love, Dana PS Your response to the first Sketchbook Series was bigger and more supportive than I could have ever imagined. I feel so humbled to have you with me along for the ride and even more propelled to keep sharing this #artjourney because so many of you too are with me doing the exact same thing in your own life. I hope you find time this week to pursue your creative passions too even if it’s just for 5 minutes a day! ……………………………………………….. For weekly updates, Dana’s musings on the big things in life, and quite possibly the best email you’ll ever receive on a Tuesday, join our newsletter:


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