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SEXY SEXY South Africans (This is Africa) GoSea!

Where would you like to Gnu?

SEXY SEXY South Africans (This is Africa) GoSea!

This week we take our first sail in South Africa and get to see table Mountain from the ocean side. We see our new sailboat we will be using sailing and learning how to sail in rough conditions. Our dollar boat is sitting waiting for us to come back with lots of sailing experience so we can take her wherever we want to go. Sailing around the world is a term thrown around but we want to have good sailing experience before we do this. We don’t have a luxury yacht bet we will sail our little sailboat as far as we can. To avoid collisions at sea we have to gear up and sail in all conditions especially because I am sailing with children and cruising on a boat with a child is a big responsibility. We hope you like this episode of our travels and that you enjoy seeing some more of South Africa.


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