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Shoot 35mm Film Prague: Petrin Tower and the Strahov Monastery

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Shoot 35mm Film Prague: Petrin Tower and the Strahov Monastery

Enter offer code “WILDWEROAM” at for 10% off your first purchase, or visit: . I am so happy we were able to get the camera working again and finish the roll on Petrin Hill. Lou and I had so much fun shooting this video and it feels sad to know this is the last one from our trip to Prague. It has been amazing to share this adventure with you and I still can’t believe how much content we’ve made from our first van trip. If you want to see all the film photos from the video check out our latest blog post here:… And if you’re interested in going to Prague yourself don’t miss my blog post on the Top 40 Things You Should Do in Prague… or my 3 Day Itinerary –… Thank you and hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season! #shootfilm #35mmfilm #canona1 ……………………………………………….. Question of the Week: What was your favorite part of our Prague series? It could be a photo or a place a video or an insta post, really anything! We’d love to hear what you connected with 🙂


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