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Shooting 35mm Film in Kreuzberg – Film February – Part 3 (Snippet 33)

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Shooting 35mm Film in Kreuzberg – Film February – Part 3 (Snippet 33)

This is definitely my favorite roll of film of the series yet!! Playing around with double exposures and getting to spend some time with friends made it a really special experience. (My friend Luisa’s instagram is @luyanoms – go check out her photos!) I highly recommend anyone watching who has a analog camera to figure out how to take double exposures and start experimenting. I already have so many other ideas swirling in my mind of what I could do with layered textures, with a tripod which would allow for more static shots, or with mixing photos of daytime and nighttime. If you’re like me, it is very easy to remember to take photos when you’re traveling. Everything is brand new and you want to remember the trip, but then when you are in your own home, own backyard, own neighborhood (in the case of this video!) well sometimes it doesn’t seem like that special of a moment to capture, but that is when we forget how precious the space around us really is. It provides us a vehicle for so many of our experiences. And while travel does create some fantastic memories, so many more of our memories are made closer to home, so I am really happy we were able to shoot a roll in Kreuzberg and capture the neighborhood that we love. This week helped me remember how lovely it is to capture the spaces we find ourselves in most often. Question of the Week: Have you ever taken double exposures? What two types of images are your favorite to combine? If you haven’t what do you think would be a cool idea? #shootfilm #35mmfilm #canona1


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