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Shooting 35mm Film in Neukölln – Film February – Part 4 (Snippet 34)

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Shooting 35mm Film in Neukölln – Film February – Part 4 (Snippet 34)

This is the last video in our Film February series! It has been so much fun exploring different neighborhoods in Berlin each week and trying out different film stocks. This week we went to Neukölln and shot Portra 400. We really hope that you have enjoyed the series and have been able to learn with me as I continue to get to know my Canon A-1 better and better. We appreciate all the support and love you’ve shown us in the comments. Focusing on capturing the city around us has definitely made our February better and now that the sun is peaking back into our life we can feel the city waking up from it’s winter hibernation. Favorite moments of this video: – our surprise run-in with Bridget in Tempelhof (go check our her project Barter Barber: – shooting portraits of our beautiful friend Eva (@evadawn_illustrations) Favorite moments of the series: – dogs outside grocery stores – playing with reflections in water – pretty faces and trees – exploring our city with my main man Question of the week: What has been your favorite part of Film February?


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