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Shooting 35mm Film in New York City (Story 14)

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Shooting 35mm Film in New York City (Story 14)

On a recent trip back to the States, Lou and I went back to our old neighborhood in New York City to shoot a roll of 35mm film (Portra 400) on our Canon A1. Like I say in the video it had been AGES since I last shot film, and as you watch you will soon learn how things ended up not going as expected. Without ruining the ending all I can say problem solving leaves room for much more creativity than I ever expected!! The entire point of this video was to combine the importance of remembering to capture your daily life and the magic of writing a blog post. Hope it left you feeling inspired!! Please check out our blogpost too!! We worked so hard on it and all my film photos and illustrations are there, plus way more stories from our NYC years.… Question of the Week: For those of you who watched until the end of the video, would you have kept drinking your tea too? Or poured it down the drain? UPDATE: So, according to our local photography store expert, the problem was entirely self-made, we shouldn’t have shot on the green automatic setting on the lens while in Aperture Priority mode, that only works for Shutter Priority. Someone in the comments had suggested we do it that way, but we should have done our own research before trying it out! In the end, we were lucky though that some of the photos worked at all, and that we came away with all these watercolors : ) Thank you for watching, for reading, and for joining us here. It means the world to Lou and I to connect with each of you and we’re so grateful for your continued support. #shootfilm #35mmfilm #canona1 ……………………………………………….. Film Camera: Canon A1, 50mm f/1.4 Canon lens and Portra 400 Video Camera: Canon 5D3 with a Canon f4 24-105mm lens, Canon 100mm f2.8


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