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Shooting 35mm Film in Schöneberg – Film February – Part 1 (Snippet 31)

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Shooting 35mm Film in Schöneberg – Film February – Part 1 (Snippet 31)

Welcome to our first edition of the four part series we call “Film February!” We will be shooting a different roll of color film each week this month on our Canon A-1. This week we shot Fujifilm Superia Xtra 400 and explored Schöneberg and I have to say the coolest thing that happened (spoiler alert!) was getting spotted on the street by Arianne and Pierre-Henri. We get to chat with so many of you here in the comments or over email, but to actually meet on the street and get to chat about life was such a special moment for Lou and I. We also loved getting to see the Gasometer covered in the thick fog. Film February is all about pushing ourselves to keep exploring this city we call home even if it is freezing cold and has never ending bleak grey skies. It is already helping counteract our natural tendencies to hibernate this winter! It is also helping us to capture the city we love so dearly before we take off on our van journeys later this year. Question of the Week: What is one thing you have done this month to make you feel creative?


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