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Where would you like to Gnu?

We Lost All Our Memory Cards! | Sailing Wisdom: S3 Ep20

Herby and Maddie suffer from the confusing effects of jet lag after returning to Terceira, Azores, to work on the boat. While on the island, they are given a tour of the sights and scenes of the land in the middle of the Atlantic. Panic ensues when they lose all of their memory cards, but…
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Transatlantic Part 7: Hurricane Avoidance and Old School Weather Routing | Sailing Wisdom S3 Ep9

In this episode, you really get the feel of what it’s like to be out there in the middle of the Ocean. Daily life is slow, but there are moments of excitement that make it all worth it. Off in the distance, you can see Hurricane Chris and Herby discusses hurricane avoidance as well as…
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Overcoming My FEAR of Water

Trying out Scuba Diving for the first time in a training pool. Next Step.. Open water PADI certification. Scuba girl in a bikini. GOPRO Hero3+

Parrot Shopping At The Golden Cockatoo, Deerfield Beach FL (Sailing Miss Lone Star)

It is hard to find a good parrot and I continue my quest to learn all I can about them. I went to a fantastic shop just north of Miami and found so many amazing birds! This is a very short episode about my quest to bring a new crew member aboard. Enjoy! For more…
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Sailing the East Coast of USA Continue to Sail or give up and go home (SAILING MISS LONE STAR) S3E01

I set out on my own for the very first time on my 40 foot sail boat. Alone with my German Shepherd and Parrot. My husband is gone now and big changes are on the horizon. I sit on this little island Cuttyhunk and decide wether or not I will continue to Sail or pack…
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Schooner Races and Sailing a Ketch (SAILING MISS LONE STAR) S3E02

Sailing Miss Lone Star Published on 7 Sep 2016 Subscribe 52K My Love for Tall Ships takes me to Glouchester, MA to the Tall Ship races aboard a green ketch called Ginger Nut. I’m getting my mojo back a little on this trip and cementing in my bones my love for sailing. Season 3 Uncensored…
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Update-Going to the Newport Boat Show!

Season 3 Uncensored on Vimeo!…

Fixing Things Until They Are Broken – Sail Boat Repairs (Sailing Miss Lone Star)S3E03

Facing things on the boat now alone has ended up being a bit more difficult than I had originally thought. My “don’t give up” attitude is really put to the test this week as I try to make fun doing tasks I am not qualified the be doing. Think twice before you “retire” on a…
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Homeless Sailor, Boat Repossessed (SAILING MISS LONE STAR) S3E04

I find myself alone on my 405M Beneteau, after a domestic violence incident with my husband. I am not going to give up sailing because the worst happened in my marriage. The boat was on a lease to own contract with Massachusetts Maritime. When My husband realised that I was not going to take him…
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Im Still Alive

Uncensored on Vimeo!…

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