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Where would you like to Gnu?

Chop it up into little pieces | Sailing Wisdom [S3 Ep24]

Herby and Maddie continue tearing out the old head to make room for the head refit they are doing. They also take a break from the work to visit the sulfur pits on the island of Terceira, Azores.

We Lost All Our Memory Cards! | Sailing Wisdom: S3 Ep20

Herby and Maddie suffer from the confusing effects of jet lag after returning to Terceira, Azores, to work on the boat. While on the island, they are given a tour of the sights and scenes of the land in the middle of the Atlantic. Panic ensues when they lose all of their memory cards, but…
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How to Tie a Monkey Fist ???? ???? | Sailing Wisdom

The Monkey Fist is a complicated looking knot, typically used for decorative purposes, but this knot has much more practical uses as well. Aside from looking cool, it adds weight and can be used to heave a line to shore to warp a boat into its mooring. This video shows you how to tie a…
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Boat Work and Boat Show! | Sailing Wisdom: S3 Ep19

Herby prepares Wisdom for Hurricane Helene! After the storm, he continues working on the boat. The project on the menu is to remove the rotten wood from the closet, and there is a lot of rotten wood! Solid beams of wood have turned into mulch. Herby then returns to the states where he and Maddie…
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(Trying to) Bring You Excellent Quality [4K]

We switched to 4K, but no one could see it! If anyone has any tips or advice on how to get the videos to you in excellent quality, please let us know in the comments down below. We film with GoPro, edit with iPad.

Project Problems | Sailing Wisdom: S3E18

We finally make it onto the next flight back to the United States, which then leads to family time and a random video for you to enjoy (DH Mountain Biking)! Herby returns to the Azores to work on the boat and runs into a series of road blocks that seem to halt any attempts at…
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Sail to Terceira | Sailing Wisdom: S3 Ep16

Herby and Maddie leave Horta, Faial, and set sail for Angra do Heroísmo, Terceira. The winds were more favorable than predicted and we managed to sail the distance in 22 hours instead of the predicted 30 to 36 hours! Upon arriving in Terceira, they prepare Wisdom for being hauled out as they prepare to fly…
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Port at Horta! | Sailing Wisdom: S3 Ep 15

We made it! Now it’s time to get off the boat and start exploring! Come along with Herby and Maddie as they hike, eat, and explore the town of Horta, the fourth busiest port in the world, and their first landfall in a month!

Transatlantic Summation and What’s Next REVEALED! | Sailing Wisdom

After crossing the Atlantic, Herby and Maddie discuss their general thoughts of the voyage, and what is next to come!

Equipment Failures and Success Across the Ocean | Sailing Wisdom

Herby and Maddie talk about the gear they used while crossing an ocean. What worked, what broke, and what was worthless! Some of the major talking points are the electric motor, the Monitor Windvane, and the electrical gizmos on board the boat. Electric Motor/Regeneration Video:

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