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Where would you like to Gnu?

Christmas in Capetown 2018

Hout Bay Bot Trip to Duiker Island Clifton Beach and Sea Point.

VLOG 13 – Sunday Vibes + Red Lentil Vegan Recipe ($3 a Day – Vegan – Part 5)

This video definitely has a different vibe than everything we’ve made so far… it’s calmer, yet chattier and we hope you enjoy these Sunday vibes 🙂 The book we talk about is called Early Retirement Extreme by Jacob Lund Fisker. It truly is as magical as we claim in the video and we hope you…
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VLOG 17: Kombucha Brewing FAQ, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know!

This week we pick things up where we left off last week and start answering all those questions you may have about brewing kombucha…. Metal or glass? How long do you have to wait? Is your SCOBY moldy? It’s another long video but for those of you thinking about starting your own little brewing operation…
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Photographs from Sunday (Snippet 4)

I thought I’d try out something new this time around, it’s a short one but it took quite a lot of brain power to get this video to work! It’s funny how every time I try something new I think it will be easy (not sure why) and it always ends up being a pretty…
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Dana Goes Home (Snippet 6)

Dana went home for a wedding and to spend some time with her family, and I (Lou) made a short little snippet out of the footage she brought back to Berlin. If you’re not in it, but wish you were, it’s probably because she was having too much fun to capture it all on camera…
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VEGAN TACO RECIPE (oil-free, gluten-free, low-fat, anti-inflammatory) (Snippet 10)

One of our good friends (Luisa) got hit by a taxi while biking so we headed over to her place with a backpack full of delicious vegan food to help out a little–and we decided to film the whole thing to encourage you guys to cook yummy vegan food for your friends and family when…
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How to Play Boules + Make New Friends (Snippet 13)

Get outside! Play a new game! We wanted this week’s video to be about getting the last bits of that summer sunshine and learning a new game – so we decided on bocce. Then it turned out we were learning to play boules. So now, here you have it a “How to Play Boules ……
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Vegan Camping Adventure in Sächsische Schweiz (Snippet 14

Watching this video back the first time, I looked at Lou knowing that he had just created something we’d cherish forever. Snippet 14 captured a weekend that felt so private, so removed from the world, and yet now lives on so publicly here on our channel. I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into our…
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Camping Trip 35mm Film Edition, Shooting Kodak Portra Film (Snippet 15)

One of our favorite things is exploring and when you pair that with practicing my new photography hobby, well its a magical combination for Snippet 15. Even though I start off this video saying that this is our second photo tutorial… it didn’t quite turn out like a tutorial, and that is okay! I think…
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Our Plans for the Future (Snippet 17)

We have a plan… well Lou and I always have a lot of plans. We love thinking about the future, whether it’s organizing the week ahead, making goals for the coming month, or even New Years resolutions. But now, and for the last few months all our future thinking has revolved around our future VAN…
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