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Where would you like to Gnu?

Climbing the Mast! | Sailing Wisdom Ep 127

In this episode, we prepare for our Atlantic Crossing by doing a rigging inspection up the mast! It’s very important to make sure everything is in good order before embarking on such a serious journey. While Herby is the one that needs to go up, Frank and Maddie take advantage of the opportunity as well…
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Sailing Wisdom: Ep 1

We finally set off to our first destination! Winds are light but spirits are high as we leave Baltimore early in the morning.

Sailing Wisdom: The Chesapeake Bay | Ep 2

Maddie and Herby make their way through the Chesapeake Bay as they head to Worton.

The Haul Out | Sailing Wisdom Ep 3

Maddie and Herby haul out at Worton to freshen up their bottom paint.

Sailing Wisdom: Painting the Bottom | Ep 4

After sanding and scraping the hull, we are finally ready to paint the bottom of the boat! I had originally planned a month to do all of this work but Maddie worked harder than any human ever should and we did it all in 1.5 days!

Sailing Wisdom: Keel Art and Launching | Ep 5

Maddie paints a mural on the bottom of Wisdom, Herby gives a tour of Wisdom’s synthetic standing rigging, and the boat is launched back into the water!

Light Air Sails | Sailing Wisdom Ep 6

Rigging Doctor Published on 16 Jul 2017 Subscribe 5.4K We cast off from Worton and set sail for South River.

Sailing Wisdom: Attack of the Flies | Ep 7

Wisdom is inundated with flies as Maddie and Herby make their way down to their favorite little creek I. South River.

Sailing Wisdom: Fun in Harness Creek | Ep 8

Herby and Maddie spend the day anchored in Harness Creek. They finally sea trial Tooth II and spend the day with Herby’s parents and friends.

Sailing Wisdom: Bilge Cheese | Ep 9

Herby explains how to aim solar panels for max power. He and Maddie then prepare the solar shower, preserve cheese in jars, go for a swim, and explore the creek!

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