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Where would you like to Gnu?

Coastal Cruiser to Blue Water Sailboat – This is how! S8E02

Coastal cruiser Cal 2-29 1976 sailboat being restored and refitted to become a blue water sailboat. We start to show you how you can do this too. Sailboat DIY begins in a all new level this week… Sailing around the world is going to require a-lot of work. We restore the old bilgepump, organize the…
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100T Masters Celebration! PLUS it’s Aubrey’s Birthday

Aubrey and Stefan’s Annapolis boat show celebration and live chat Friday 10am. Captains license celebration is at Pussers Grille.

Our Sail Boat got towed AWAY! ( Heart wrenching to watch ) S8E03

Watch to see where Little Miss is being taken! Sailboat DIY at its best! See the behind the scenes cameras rolling all the time here:

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