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Where would you like to Gnu?

Homeless Sailor, Boat Repossessed (SAILING MISS LONE STAR) S3E04

I find myself alone on my 405M Beneteau, after a domestic violence incident with my husband. I am not going to give up sailing because the worst happened in my marriage. The boat was on a lease to own contract with Massachusetts Maritime. When My husband realised that I was not going to take him…
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Im Still Alive

Uncensored on Vimeo!…

S03E05 (Sailing Miss Lone Star) Finding Center

Check out the Vimeo Page Here…

S03E06 (Sailing Miss Lone Star) Road trip to California

Uncensored on Vimeo!…

S3E07 (Sailing Miss Lone Star) Love at First Fight

Come with me as I meet the new crew. Wanna see the FULL version UnCut & Uncensored on Vimeo!…


A personal thank you to all of my viewers and especially my Patrons supporting me on Patreon! This is a little note to let you all know what my plans are for the coming year and beyond:)

(Sailing Miss Lone Star) Home for the Holidays- California Christmas

Hey guys! I know Christmas is behind us but I still wanted to share the crazy festivities with you:) I spent some amazing quality time with my kiddos and got to goof off with my gaggle of little brothers. Come along and meet my off beat Dad and amazing Mom:) Thanks for watching. Catch the…
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S3E16 (Sailing Miss Lone Star) Sailing Wallilabou

Uncensored on Vimeo!…

S3E18 (Sailing Miss Lone Star) Sailing Green Gills to Bequia

Something about Bequia makes us crazy.. Especially Sailors.. We hike around the Island and have an amazing time.

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