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Where would you like to Gnu?

Religion, Vegan Fasting, and Bartending in Brooklyn

In this video we spend the day with Sinedu as she commutes from Harlem to Bunna Café in Bushwick. She moved to NYC from Ethiopia, but remains dedicated to Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity, a religion in which fasting, and eating vegan, are taken directly from the Bible.

Are Tattoos Vegan?

In this video we talk with Gristle Tattoo owner Dina about running her own vegan small business in Brooklyn, NY. If you’re wondering why a tattoo isn’t normally vegan then tune in to hear how Dina’s changing things up in the industry while bringing together a team of talented artists dedicated to high quality custom…
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Dr. Cow Vegan Cheese in Brooklyn

In this video we learn how the team at Dr. Cow is creating raw, nut-based vegan cheese in Brooklyn, New York. ………………………………………………..

Climbing the Rock of Gibraltar

Our first adventure in van life was climbing the #RockofGibraltar!! Lou and I have been looking at the Rock of #Gibraltar for over 5 months while working on Ody in the small town of Casares in southern Spain. Just last week we finally had the opportunity to go there in person, climb to the top,…
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Easy Vegan Curry Recipe with Parusha Naidoo

For the full recipe please check out Parusha’s website!… This is our first cooking video and we thought we would start with something tasty and easy! Our good friend Parusha came over to our Berlin apartment to show you how to make vegan curry – it can be transformed any way you like, but…
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Lima’s Hidden Secret: A Vegan Restaurant in La Molina

What started as a small Sunday gathering of family and friends has grown into “La Casa de Bea,” a vegan restaurant that makes a trip to La Molina a must!…

YAMI, a Vegan Oasis in Lima, Peru

YAMI is a beautiful restaurant run by Jessica Olascuaga, a self-taught home-chef who showcases local organic Peruvian ingredients. Her attention to detail and obsession for beautiful colors makes each plate look more like a piece of art than lunch. Whether you are trying to eat healthy, or a devout vegan, this restaurant has to be…
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The Art of Tea Blending

Anisa created Les Matins to share her story with the world. Growing up as the child of Persian immigrants, tea was a staple of her daily routine. Her mother always created different blends at home, adding cardamon and dried rose petals to black tea or a sprinkle of jasmine. Once Anisa grew up, she realized…
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Cruelty-Free Vegan Makeup with Fanny Maurer

When Fanny went vegan she had to change so much more than the food she ate! As a fashion make-up artist based in Paris, Fanny was accustomed to using name brand products that usually have been tested on animals. After a bit of research, she realized that finding ethical, cruelty-free products was not only super…
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French Vegan Recipe with Antastesia (Emy) in Paris

RECIPE BELOW: If you don’t know Emy you need to go check out her YouTube Channel here: A French graduate student living in Paris, Emy is one of the most generous and open people Lou and I have ever met! We were thrilled when we found out she had time to hang with us…
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