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Chop it up into little pieces | Sailing Wisdom [S3 Ep24]

Herby and Maddie continue tearing out the old head to make room for the head refit they are doing. They also take a break from the work to visit the sulfur pits on the island of Terceira, Azores.

10/02/2019 0

Plotting on Paper Charts DIY [4K] | Sailing Wisdom

Paper charts are the most reliable and important form of navigational information that you can carry on your boat. They not only tell you where you are, but also what is around you and where any potential hazards might be. Having a paper chart is a critical backup to the convenient chart plotters that do…
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17/12/2018 0

Climbing the Mast! | Sailing Wisdom Ep 127

In this episode, we prepare for our Atlantic Crossing by doing a rigging inspection up the mast! It’s very important to make sure everything is in good order before embarking on such a serious journey. While Herby is the one that needs to go up, Frank and Maddie take advantage of the opportunity as well…
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27/09/2018 0

Sailing Wisdom: Ep 1

We finally set off to our first destination! Winds are light but spirits are high as we leave Baltimore early in the morning.

27/09/2018 0

Sailing Wisdom: The Chesapeake Bay | Ep 2

Maddie and Herby make their way through the Chesapeake Bay as they head to Worton.

27/09/2018 0

The Haul Out | Sailing Wisdom Ep 3

Maddie and Herby haul out at Worton to freshen up their bottom paint.

27/09/2018 0

Sailing Wisdom: Painting the Bottom | Ep 4

After sanding and scraping the hull, we are finally ready to paint the bottom of the boat! I had originally planned a month to do all of this work but Maddie worked harder than any human ever should and we did it all in 1.5 days!

27/09/2018 0

Sailing Wisdom: Keel Art and Launching | Ep 5

Maddie paints a mural on the bottom of Wisdom, Herby gives a tour of Wisdom’s synthetic standing rigging, and the boat is launched back into the water!

27/09/2018 0

Light Air Sails | Sailing Wisdom Ep 6

Rigging Doctor Published on 16 Jul 2017 Subscribe 5.4K We cast off from Worton and set sail for South River.

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Sailing Wisdom: Attack of the Flies | Ep 7

Wisdom is inundated with flies as Maddie and Herby make their way down to their favorite little creek I. South River.

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