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The Best Weekend Ever with Frannerd + Ed Pavez! (Story 3)

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The Best Weekend Ever with Frannerd + Ed Pavez! (Story 3)

Getting to sit down with Fran (@Frannerd) and Ed (@edpavez) was truly the best way I could have imagined spending my 26th birthday. They were so open and honest with Lou and I that it actually felt like the four of us had been friends for years. There is something so powerful about getting to connect with like-minded people – whether we were chatting about drawing or cameras, or living far from home or giggling over beer and the best vegan tacos, they made us feel so at home – so Fran and Ed if you’re reading this thank you!!! It was also so special for Lou and I to get to meet creatives who are truly making their dreams a reality – figuring out a way to financially support yourself in any creative field can sometimes feel impossible and the fact that they’re doing it had Lou and I super inspired. Since moving abroad Fran has started making her YouTube videos in English, become a published author, opened an Etsy shop and soon to have a signed a contract with a UK-based literary agent. And the last few years have been huge for Ed too! He’s transitioned from a time in his life where he was working so many different jobs at once, which from the outside seemed like a complete success story; however, from the inside, Ed felt completely distracted from his main goal – to pursue writing full-time. I don’t want to spoil the video if you haven’t watched yet… so go watch and you’ll get to see how special this journey to Europe has been for these two Chileans. I think part of this whole Hastings experience that I will cherish most is how much they respected and supported one another. Sometimes when you think of the stereotypical creative type, you can imagine crazy fighting and raging emotions that fuel the creative process, but the only thing that we felt when we were there was unconditional love. Whether it was Fran talking about how she moved to Germany entirely to support Ed’s dreams of working in the Berlin theater scene or Ed talking about passing up huge opportunities in Mexico to let Fran pursue her dream of getting published in the UK, well it is just incredible to have the opportunity to get to know individuals of this caliber. I know this video is a bit on the longer side and maybe some of you who are new the channel aren’t used to our personal story style, but getting back into the personal narrative shorts that we used to make while we traveled in Peru and in NYC made me super excited about all the potential this channel has to capture powerful stories. And for this week’s question for those of you who read these blurbs: – If you could ask Fran and Ed one more question what would it be?


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