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The Power of Now (Story 7)

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The Power of Now (Story 7)

I hadn’t read this book until last year and it set off an insane binge of introspective non-fiction titles after I finished it including: “Radical Self Acceptance” by Tara Brach, “Breaking Open the Head” by Daniel Pinchbeck, “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg, “Early Retirement Extreme” by Jacob Lund Fisker, and “A New Earth” also by Eckhart Tolle. And during the time I started reading all these different titles, we started meditating. And like Lou talked about in this Story, it really did change everything for both of us. I found myself less anxious, connecting to the joy in the little moments – even just walking to the grocery store or watering our plants – and I even realized I was much better at being present for those around me. And while introspection and meditation is definitely not a cure all for everything, I found that by connecting deeper to myself, I was able to free myself of a lot of the anxiety that didn’t serve me. By shifting my focus to the present moment, life really started to blossom in front of my eyes. So my question for the week for you lovely readers is how do you practice being present? What is your form of meditation? Your favorite self-care tips? Mental health is such an important topic that can easily get pushed under the rug and I want to make sure each of you reading this knows how much you matter to us and how we hope you make the time take care of yourself! Oh, and if you’re in Berlin and want to get a tattoo please hit up our awesome friend Eva!… Lots of love, Dana


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