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The Road Trip (Snippet 25)

Where would you like to Gnu?

The Road Trip (Snippet 25)

Getting to explore New England is one of my favorite things about visiting Lou’s family. This week’s snippet has us chasing down the so-called “best beer in America” – Heady Topper – and stumbling upon the cutest maple syrup shack in the world. If you haven’t had maple candy you are missing out!! But in all honesty, our road trip wasn’t really about the destinations (not pictured was an adorable local grocery store where we found the best loaf of rosemary olive sourdough and a really cute cider mill). The trip was about being with family and celebrating Aisling’s 17th birthday. I have to admit though, Lou and I have been so focused on getting as much quality time with everyone while we’re home that these videos have been quite short, but don’t worry we’re going to be making longer videos sometime soon!!!


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