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The Trees of Berlin (Snippet 3)

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The Trees of Berlin (Snippet 3)

This Sunday we headed to Mitte to find some beautiful trees, learn their names, put Dana’s watercoloring skills to their first field test : ) and narrowly avoided getting drenched in a giant thunderstorm. PS, if you’re wondering why all these trees are exotic sounding it’s because we were in a fancy part of town, and I guess in European parks they often grow all sorts of foreign varieties to keep things interesting. The most common trees in Berlin are actually 1. Linden (Tilia) 2. Maple (Acer) 3. Oak (Quercus) 4. Plane (Platanus) and 5. Chestnut (Aesculus). Also, if you want to see the amazing, over-the-top website that documents all of the trees in Berlin here it is:…


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