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The Van Tour: Before the Renovation (Van Build – Part 1)

Where would you like to Gnu?

The Van Tour: Before the Renovation (Van Build – Part 1)

Why are we ripping out everything from inside our van?

Lou and I give 10 reasons in this video for our van demolition, but I realized we forgot one huge thing – maybe even the most important. We want the chance to build a home from scratch, with every detail being our own. Every cabinet perfectly built for the size of our things and our needs. Ody might be big for a car, but as a home he is quite small, so we want to craft every inch of the space into the most functional and beautiful it can possibly be. There are moments here in Spain where I just have to stop and look around and really take in the fact the the van build is finally here. That we even own a van is a miracle!!!! And now we get to share the whole journey with you and it makes it that much sweeter 🙂 Thank you for all your love and support! Hope you enjoy this week’s extra video. Question of the Week: Any chance you would be interested in reading a weekly newsletter from us? We’ve decided go for it and it’s starting next TUESDAY! Please sign up here if you want us in your inbox: It’s going to be filled with more intimidate life updates, thoughts and feelings, things we’re loving, recipes, photos, illustrations, and is honestly the content that Lou and I are more excited to be sharing with you (and the van videos of course!) Love from Spain, Dana (& Lou)


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