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To The Lighthouse (Sketchbook Stories 1)

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To The Lighthouse (Sketchbook Stories 1)

Don’t let age make you feel like you can’t start a new creative endeavor because there will never be a day when you feel 100% ready whether your 11 or 88. Starting something new is always a mixture of excitement and hesitation. Like so many wise creatives out there who have come to this realization- no one has ever made what you can make, so stop trying to be perfect and just start doing what makes you feel alive. If you want to be a writer, write. Musician, practice your instrument. Artists, don’t stop painting. I hope this video is the reminder that we all need to not let fear stop us from doing all the things we dream about doing 🙂 . After months of talking about wanting to share my journey of becoming an artist on this channel, we finally made it happen today. My little brother is here visiting, our van is broken, there’s a heatwave moving through Portugal, which means we filmed and edited this video in heat over 95 F, BUT I am so happy that we pushed through and turned this incredible adventure into the first Sketchbook Stories. I got to share the experience with two of my favorite people in the world. Two men who support me better than I could have ever envisioned and I am so grateful they could be here to help and witness the start of this new chapter. See you next Sunday for the second video in the Sketchbook Stories series. All my love, Dana


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