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Tour of Freguesia das Furnas with Lunch

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Tour of Freguesia das Furnas with Lunch

Start with a pick up at your Ponta Delgada based hotel or convenient meeting point if based elsewhere. Travel then to the south part of the island and take a quick stop at Vila Franca do Campo, where you will have the chance to see two of the most beautiful churches and hear the story about the first main city of S. Miguel. Go next to Castelo Branco, a small castle with a great view to Vila Franca and to Furnas lake.

Driving to Furnas it’s time to go inside of the crater and see the lake closer, and enjoy the famous Cozido das Furnas.

Before you eat lunch you have the chance to try the thermal pools and choose between Poça da Beija with water temperature about 39 celius or Parque Terra Nostra, a botanic garden also with thermal pools. After a relaxing dip you will be hungry so it will be time to stop for lunch. Feast in the famous Cozido das Furnas, a delicious meal of meat and vegetables  cooked inside of the volcano crater.

Following lunch try the mineral waters and a small surprise, Furnas has about 17 different types of mineral water, you will try at least 4 of them. Finally go to Pico do Ferro for an amazing view of the lake and finish in the best way with a cup of the in the tea factory.

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