How to tie an Alpine Butterfly Knot [in 5 Seconds] | Sailing Wisdom in 4K

Learn how to tie this super useful knot in just five seconds! Impress your friends as you whip this fancy knot out at parties, right before their eyes ;) The Alpine Butterfly Knot is a bight knot that will let you tie a bight in a line that can be loaded from either direction. Best of all, it can...

Timelapse Painting of a Sailor

Speed painting a sailor who was out there living the adventure!

Decembers Happy People in Cape town

As christmas comes here are the happy people in and around Capetown....

Port at Horta! | Sailing Wisdom: S3 Ep 15

We made it! Now it’s time to get off the boat and start exploring! Come along with Herby and Maddie as they hike, eat, and explore the town of Horta, the fourth busiest port in the world, and their first landfall in a month!

Transatlantic Summation and What’s Next REVEALED! | Sailing Wisdom

After crossing the Atlantic, Herby and Maddie discuss their general thoughts of the voyage, and what is next to come!

Equipment Failures and Success Across the Ocean | Sailing Wisdom

Herby and Maddie talk about the gear they used while crossing an ocean. What worked, what broke, and what was worthless! Some of the major talking points are the electric motor, the Monitor Windvane, and the electrical gizmos on board the boat. Electric Motor/Regeneration Video:

Storm Avoidance and Weather Routing: Atlantic Crossing Affected by Climate Change | Sailing Wisdom

Herby and Maddie discuss their tactics for storm avoidance while crossing the Atlantic. They discuss the gear they used and how they used it to better predict the weather and plan their route accordingly. Blog: Weather Routing: Blog: Reading Clouds: Blog: Forecasting by Clouds: Reading Clouds:

Watch Schedules and Safety Across an Ocean | Sailing Wisdom

Sailing across an ocean means sailing 24 hours a day. How do you sleep and still stay safe? In this video, Maddie and Herby discuss what worked for them as they voyaged on their transatlantic adventure. They found a way to always keep a person on watch and still see each other during the day.

Crew or No Crew? Atlantic Crossing Review | Sailing Wisdom

When you set off on your cruising yacht to cross an ocean, should you have crew? Herby and Maddie discuss what they have learned from their own personal experience as well as the experiences of other ocean crossing sailors they have met.

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