Audi R8 & Ferrari 360

The Audi R8 is the car everyone is talking about and now it's your turn to find out why! Voted Car of the Year by many magazines, it's no wonder everyone wants a piece of the action. Then you'll get the chance to compare it with a Ferrari, the benchmark for all super cars. The Ferrari 360, the mid-engined...

Triple Supercar Driving Experience

Get ready for the fastest ride of your life with this Triple Supercar Experience. You’ll have your pick of the world’s most powerful supercars for the ultimate track day. The adrenaline will be pumping as soon as you set sight on our stunning selection of supercars. Can’t choose between an Aston Martin, Ferrari or Lamborghini driving experience? With this triple...

Transatlantic Part 7: Hurricane Avoidance and Old School Weather Routing | Sailing Wisdom S3 Ep9

In this episode, you really get the feel of what it's like to be out there in the middle of the Ocean. Daily life is slow, but there are moments of excitement that make it all worth it. Off in the distance, you can see Hurricane Chris and Herby discusses hurricane avoidance as well as old school weather routing...

Cusco, Peru – Episode 1

In the first episode of Plant Based Traveler, Dana and Lou head to Cusco to discover how ancient Peruvian ingredients are being transformed into a new plant-based cuisine. ........................................................ Keep in Touch with Us:  on on on ........................................................

Cusco Timelapse

50,000 photos of Cusco, Peru compiled into just under 3 minutes. Everything was shot on a Canon 5D3 with a Leica 35mm Summicron, and a lot of patience.

Welcome to New York City

In the New York City Trailer, we've cut together parts from the next 6 videos, coming soon! The series will focus on small business owners (many with businesses based in Williamsburg and Bushwick Brooklyn, most are vegan or work in vegan businesses, and help them share their wonderful stories.)

Vegan Hot Dogs in NYC

In this video we look at how Marina's business "Yeah Dawg" is bringing vegan hot dogs onto the streets of New York City.

Religion, Vegan Fasting, and Bartending in Brooklyn

In this video we spend the day with Sinedu as she commutes from Harlem to Bunna Café in Bushwick. She moved to NYC from Ethiopia, but remains dedicated to Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity, a religion in which fasting, and eating vegan, are taken directly from the Bible.

Are Tattoos Vegan?

In this video we talk with Gristle Tattoo owner Dina about running her own vegan small business in Brooklyn, NY. If you're wondering why a tattoo isn't normally vegan then tune in to hear how Dina's changing things up in the industry while bringing together a team of talented artists dedicated to high quality custom work.

What to Expect for your First Colonic

In this video we talk with Colon Therapy NYC owner Cassie about running her own small business, and the many health benefits of colon hydrotherapy. Colonics can play a huge role in digestive health for those suffering from different digestive disorders or those who are just trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Cassie clears up all of your questions...