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Van Demolition (Van Build – Part 5)

Where would you like to Gnu?

Van Demolition (Van Build – Part 5)

Getting the van ready for the build has been a much bigger process than we expected. Or maybe a longer process than we expected? And with my trip to the States we ran into a few delays (with the build, but also with this upload – thank you for your patience!), but I’m hoping that the next few days are super productive and we can finish checking off all the things that Lou had planned for his week alone. Without my chatty self, Lou turned his week alone into a beautiful, peaceful video chronicling his hard work and his new friends watching all the van progress. I feel like my time away was some sort of wonderful turning point and the donkeys finally became comfortable to express all their curiosity about the van living in their home. I can’t wait until they’re as friendly with me : ) Question of the Week: What music are you listening to right now? I have Sufjan Stevens – The Greatest Gift on repeat right now. Love from Spain, Dana (+Lou)


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