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Van Life Begins… kind of (Snippet 37)

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Van Life Begins… kind of (Snippet 37)

Here is a short trailer of all the videos from our first van adventure including some wonderful 35 mm film videos coming your way soon! We haven’t done a short video in a long time and I’m so happy we have Snippets back in our life. It is really fun to share glimpses into this first van adventure with you. I can’t explain how many emotions we had during this trip. I have to say with almost two weeks living fulltime in the van you really do feel everything. From fear that the car won’t start again after cops pull you over at 6 in the morning, to waking up in a new city and it sinking in that this is really going to be our “normal” life, to having to pee so badly in the middle of the night and wishing it wasn’t raining outside, to pure bliss of eating cereal with coconut rice milk while cozily tucked into your sleeping bag (I know it sounds like such a small thing, but those breakfasts “in bed” weirdly were one of my favorite parts of the trip…) When we were driving back from Prague I started making a list in my journal of all the memories I had from the trip that I didn’t want to forget and the list just kept growing and growing. Seriously, the amount of memories that we made in less than two weeks has me blissfully exhausted. There’s something about the slight discomfort that is living in a van that pushed us to live each day so fully – once we were out of the van and had taken the tram 30 minutes in to the city we weren’t coming back and that meant we saw so much (and FILMED so much) and I can’t wait to see how Lou edits it all into the rest of this series. Van life has barely even begun and all the chaos of the process of getting here is already drifting away. With love, Dana ps Question of the Week: Do you think you could live in a van full-time? And if so what is one odd thing that you would definitely have to bring with you?


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