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Van Life Sucks

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Van Life Sucks

#Vanlifesucks might seem dramatic, but honestly, the first few weeks were more challenging than I could have ever imagined. At first, it seemed manageable, but soon we realized that our timeline for getting water running and solar panels going was much longer than we expected. The temperatures were rising, but the main thing was that I started to get scared. Scared that I wasn’t tough enough to live on the road. Scared that we would never be able to find a rhythm of life that felt sustainable. And also scared that our future plan was no longer feasible. For so long Lou and I have envisioned living in Ody and then one day moving up and buying a used sailboat and transitioning from #vanlife to boat life. I know for those of you who don’t work on a 7 year plan this makes no sense, but for us, it gave us comfort and hope. We would figure out how to be vagabonds in Ody and then it would set the stage for an even crazier adventure. One without neighbors at a campsite, one without access to grocery stores every day, and one that would bring the rugged beauty that we crave so much. Well… after just two weeks in the van, I started to question everything and that made spiraling to the conclusion that van life sucks came very easy. Luckily for me, we stuck with it through the challenges and figured out a way to get Ody livable. We found the right mechanic to help us fix the gas line, fix our water pump issue, and then managed to find the perfect spot to do the final touches we needed to feel comfortable on the road. The heat just broke yesterday here in Portugal and finally, life on the road feels right. We’re filming tons, editing tons, and living life as big as we possibly can. All my love, Dana ……………….


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