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Vlog 04: DIY Cactus Garden + Berlin’s Botanical Garden

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Vlog 04: DIY Cactus Garden + Berlin’s Botanical Garden

This week’s vlog features a few very exciting things – beginning our personal study of botany, finding inspiration at the Berlin Botanical Garden, and making our own succulent/cacti garden! We really want our projects to inspire you to start exploring things that have sat on your to-do list for too long. Whether it’s getting yourself into the kitchen, starting a yoga practice, or for us growing a green thumb – nothing makes you feel better than learning something new 🙂 The other thing that was really exciting about this week is I (Dana) really took the reigns when it came to planning, filming, and editing this vlog!! Of course, Lou was there with me every step of the way and was a huge support as I tackled tricky things like trying to film myself walking places or making sure I was cutting to the music correctly or the dreaded youtube export, but all in all I am so proud and relieved to have conquered my first vlog from start to finish.


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