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VLOG 05: Easy Vegan Veggie Curry Recipe

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VLOG 05: Easy Vegan Veggie Curry Recipe

Making delicious vegan food does not need to be intimidating, expensive, or scary! So many times people have told me, if I could cook like you do I would be happy to eat vegan food all the time! Well, it’s time we start teaching you how we get all the yummy food we feature in our instagram. Starting today, we are going to start sharing more recipes here on our channel with the hopes to inspire you to get into the kitchen and starting experimenting. Making vegetables the focus of a meal can be a very new experience for some, but with a little experience in the spice department and once you have gotten comfortable chopping up tons of vegetables, I promise it really is not that hard. Please feel free to share any recipes you want to see us make, any of your go-to veggie meals, and any other feedback in the comments below

RECIPE: Vegan Veggie Coconut Curry serves 8-10 with rice (or two people for 4 meals!) 4 onions diced 5 carrots diced 12 potatoes boiled and diced 2 boxes mushrooms (200 g each) 1 large can chickpeas 1 jar or bag of sundried tomatoes either in oil or just dried 1 can diced tomatoes 1 can coconut milk 6 big handfuls spinach 1 two inch cube of ginger finely diced 1 entire head of garlic finely diced (it sounds like a lot but it’s delicious!) curry powder paprika 1. Add potatoes to large pot of boiling water, cook until they are done about 20 minutes 2. Saute onions for 15 minutes in a tbsp of coconut oil 2. Add carrots, ginger and garlic, stir and cook for 10 minutes 3. Add 2 tbsp of curry powder, 2 tbsp paprika, chickpeas, coconut milk, tomato, sundried tomato and cook for 5-8 minutes 4. Add spinach and stir and wait until it has cooked down (about 2 minutes) and then add half of the diced potatoes 5. Use a hand-blender to blend to a consistency you like then add the rest of the potatoes and diced mushrooms and enough water to create a creamy texture (about 3 cups) 6. Cook down for another 15-45 minutes on low heat and serve with rice and cilantro for garnish ……………………………………





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