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VLOG 06: Kombucha Brewing Workshop with Black Sheep Cafe in Berlin

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VLOG 06: Kombucha Brewing Workshop with Black Sheep Cafe in Berlin

Kombucha is a crazy fermented drink that is bubbly and delicious and can be made to any flavor of your imagination. Lou and I started brewing this drink after I got addicted to buying GT Kombucha in NYC three years ago. This is quite an expensive habit for those familiar with the brand, so after realizing that we could make this wild drink at home we began brewing. Well let’s just say after few rounds, our scoby looked weird, and we were worried we were brewing some sort of toxic/moldy concoction. So when the women behind Black Sheep Café, a new vegan café in Berlin, invited us to come to a kombucha workshop we jumped at the chance. Getting to learn how to brew from the masters was exactly the confidence boost we needed to get back into this cool hobby. Lucie has studied fermentation all over the world, although her passion for kombucha really started during a 3-month stint at a farm in California. There she learned all about the brewing process, the different types of yeasts and bacteria that make the scoby, and how to keep this bubbly drink happy through the many stages of brewing. This video isn’t quite a DIY tutorial, but if you’re interested in learning more let us know in the comments!! We hope to work with the Black Sheep team in the future to bring you more informational videos to get you fermenting too : )


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