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VLOG 09: Living on 3 Dollars a Day – Part 1

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VLOG 09: Living on 3 Dollars a Day – Part 1 So this video is just the start of a month long (really life long) project that Lou and I started today. It is all about living on less with the goal that if we spend less money on things, we’ll have more money in our pockets to do. For Christmas Lou got the book Extreme Early Retirement by Jacob Lund Fisker and it really set us into motion on how to think more deliberately about the way money flows in and out of our lives. (If you haven’t read it I highly recommend it!!) As you can tell by the videos were making, dedicating ourselves to this creative pursuit is our dream job. We want to be making creative projects that not only sustain our soul, but also feed us and we decided that there was something that we could do to help ourselves get self-sufficient sooner rather than later and that was to tighten our budget. This month we are dedicated to reducing our food budget to just 3 euros a day. The 3 euros is for everything that we spend the entire month – no extra spending money outside of food either! Granted our bills are paid and we have cleaning supplies and other toilettes already purchased, so that just leaves us with trying to create the most joyous March possible 🙂 We’ll have 6 videos in this series and we hope to cover not only how to make great tasting, healthy meals, but also fun things to do that are free, the struggles that come up and so much more. If you have any questions or suggestions for us please leave us a comment below! We absolutely love hearing from you and can’t wait to share more.


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