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VLOG 10: $3 A DAY – Part 2 with Vegan Recipes!

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VLOG 10: $3 A DAY – Part 2 with Vegan Recipes!

So we’ve finished the first week of living on just 3 euros a day each and decided to update you on how things have been going and the news is surprisingly good! We’ve been eating well – lots of potatoes, rice, beans and other veggies – oh and tons of oatmeal. The biggest change is that we don’t go to any grocery stores in our own neighborhood, but instead bike over to Neukoln and shop at markets there. The prices are more than half of what we get in Kreuzberg, so that’s definitely helping us make this budget lifestyle possible. I think my biggest takeaway so far is living vegan on budget really doesn’t have to mean sacrificing. In fact, I actually have really enjoyed simplifying our food process and making a bit more of a meal plan for us during the week. It means less time devoted to cooking as we are making food in bigger batches and we’re definitely eating healthier!! This budget definitely doesn’t allow for vegan ice cream or dinners out 🙂 We are excited to share two recipes with you in this video, but we have a lot more in the works. We’ve decided to actually make an e-book at the end of the month to share with you 10 recipes as well as all the tips and tricks we’ve learned throughout this process.

The article we were featured in on the Vegan Society website is… Oatmeal for Two at only 27 cents a bowl! – 150 grams Oats – 1 clementine – 1 small apple – 85 grams frozen raspberries – 13 grams walnuts 1. Cook oats in water 2. While oats are cooking put frozen berries on low heat to create a jam like consistency (make sure this mixture doesn’t burn!) 3. Dice apple and sauté in a bit of water – this brings out the sweetness and if you aren’t on such a tight budget this would be a great place to add cinnamon 4. Once oats are done, portion them out into two bowls and decorate with all the other ingredients Fried Rice/ 4 portions at only 1 euro a bowl! 3 cups dried white rice 3 large carrots 150 g frozen peas 1 large onion 3 small red peppers 8 cloves of garlic 4 tablespoons soy sauce 80 grams sunflower seeds 1 lime 1. Cook rice to package directions 2. Dice onion, garlic, red peppers, carrots (into matchsticks) 3. Saute onion, garlic for 15 minutes in oil or water 4. Add carrots and cook for another 3 5. Add red peppers, peas and cook for 3 more minutes 6. Add cooked rice to veggies and stir to combine 7. Add soy sauce to rice, veggie mixture 8. Portion out into bowls and top with sunflower seeds and a quarter lime each Enjoy 🙂 We’ll have 6 videos in this series and we hope to cover not only how to make great tasting, healthy meals, but also fun things to do that are free, the struggles that come up and so much more. If you have any questions or suggestions for us please leave us a comment below! We absolutely love hearing from you and can’t wait to share more.



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