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VLOG 12 – Cheap Potato Recipes ($3 a Day – Vegan – Part 4)

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VLOG 12 – Cheap Potato Recipes ($3 a Day – Vegan – Part 4)

If you’re looking for all the recipes for the meals we cooked up this week stay tuned as they will be coming in our ebook in early April…. We cannot believe that we’re already going into our fourth week of living vegan on 3 euros a day. We decided to change up our routine (rice & beans) and instead focus on the wonderful potato this week. Seriously this vegetable is so versatile… we topped pizza with it, made french fries, potato latkes, and a fancy stir-fry. Somehow our video ended up taking on a bit of food politics this week… why is it that so many people rely on fast food? Why do we live in a society that fears carbs? Lou ended up buying a tiny portion of french fries at our local currywurst stand for 1.40. Just for comparison, we bought a 5kg bag of potatoes for 1.42. I bet a lot of you watching our videos don’t buy fast food, and probably spend a lot more time in the kitchen than the majority of Americans, but we figured it was worth reflecting on this price discrepancy anyway. Fast food is really just that – food you can get really fast. And obviously there are things like food desserts and not everyone has access to affordable produce… and for some people making the time is truly impossible with multiple jobs/kids/etc – but for most people watching this video an effort can be made to stop eating take out and get in to the kitchen more often – if only to save yourself a ton of money 🙂 We’ll have 6 videos in this series and we hope to cover not only how to make great tasting, healthy meals, but also fun things to do that are free, the struggles that come up and so much more. If you have any questions or suggestions for us please leave us a comment below! We absolutely love hearing from you and can’t wait to share more.


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