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We Are Back! (Story 8)

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We Are Back! (Story 8)

We’re BACK!! And it feels so good to be sharing a video with all of you! It wasn’t the video we had imagined making, but it is perfect in it’s own way – filled with so much love and hard work, but most of all so many precious details of our story. When I sat down to watch this video one last time before we pressed publish, my heart almost burst. The combination of our childhood stories, how we fell in love, the wedding, and just so many memories, filled me with such gratitude for all the gifts in my life – Lou being one of the most important. I feel so safe next to him and brave as well. Putting ourselves out there and sharing these intimate details of our life with the world can definitely be scary at times, but it feels so right to be creating here again on Youtube. So thank you for being patient and kind with us, waiting as we took time to regroup, recharge, and get ready for the biggest chapter of our lives! Stay tuned because Tuesday’s are back – well no promises about the whole weekly thing, but we will do our best! ……………………………………………….. Video Camera: Canon 5D3 with a Canon f4 24-105 lens Audio: Sennheiser MKE 600 and Shure SM 7 B for our voiceovers + Lou layers in a lot of other audio tracks to make the sound even richer!


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