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We Got Married – Part 1! (Story 5)

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We Got Married – Part 1! (Story 5)

This is the most beautiful video Lou has ever made. It captures the wedding festivities so perfectly. We both feel so lucky to have shared this special moment in our lives with some of our dearest family and friends. It also just seems so perfect that we were able to incorporate our favorite things into the weekend, like serving Cinnamon Snail catering (all vegan!!), cinematography (huge huge shout out to Annie, Sean, and David for helping us out so much!) and photography (thank you so much John for serving as our stand in wedding photographer!). We feel so lucky that our guests could be a part of all the things that matter to us and now to get to share these memories on our channel feels so right 🙂 But most important of all I want to thank my HUSBAND! So crazy to type those words, but how incredible it feels to let the world know that this man will be my partner for the rest of time. I am so lucky to have such a hard working, talented creative as my other half. And of course a huge thank you to all of you who stick with us each and every week. We love you all more than you know and can’t wait to keep sharing more adventures with you as the weeks go on. We felt so incredible reading all of your well wishes on last weeks video and it made us even more excited to keep on creating. Question of the Week: What is your best advice for newlyweds??


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