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We Got Married – Part 2! (Story 6)

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We Got Married – Part 2! (Story 6)

This is the last video in our three-part series about our wedding and I’m sure you’ll agree that it is one of the most captivating videos that Lou has ever made. Before I write the descriptions I always watch the videos once or twice to get my head around what I want to say to describe the hours that Lou has condensed into a few moments we share and this week I was left with teary eyes and a huge smile. How can I put into words the most important day of my life thus far? Promising Lou that he was the man I want to spend the rest of my life with in front of so many of our closest family and friends was an experience that felt so much grander than I ever could have imagined. And it is moments like this when I am so beyond grateful that Lou’s passion is creating gorgeous videos because I will forever have a living scrapbook of some of the most precious moments of our life together. On a different note, isn’t it crazy to think about how many couples from all over the world have started their marriage just as we did – at City Hall in lower-Manhattan?? For some I’m sure they had close friends and family pouring into the small room like we did to take part in the magical ceremony. While others, like the couple Lou and I met in line from Manchester, turn up that day with only the love of their life hoping to meet a stranger who will be willing to come join them in this private moment to serve as the witness to their marriage. However a couple choses to celebrate this day in their life, all I can hope is that each person out there gets to feel the same amount love that I feel for Lou. Question of the Week: Have you ever been to New York City? What was your favorite part of the trip? And if you haven’t been would you like to go? What would you like to do?


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