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We Got the Visa! (Snippet 29)

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We Got the Visa! (Snippet 29)

This week has been exciting, and busy, but mainly exciting!!! WE GOT THE VISA! That’s right – I’m allowed 3 years in Germany with no strings attached, which was news that brought us both to tears (the good kind). To know that we may never have to step foot into the Ausländerbehörde ever again is music to our ears. But the real joy comes from the fact that our dreams are now possible. We start studying for our German drivers license exam today and with each moment that passes we are closer to hitting the road. Lou’s beautiful hobby of scrolling through second hand vans for sale is now a wonderful productive activity because we are actually in the market to BUY! Also – hope you don’t mind the short little glimpses into our world like this week’s Snippet. To make a video every week with everything else going on sometimes producing something short and sweet is all we have time for. We are beyond excited though to get into the van (if you can’t already tell hahah) because it means our complete focus will be on Plant Based Traveler and producing longer more creative stories for YOU. We hope your new year is off to a beautiful start and that you have much to celebrate this week too! Love, Dana Question of the Week: What is your favorite winter activity?? ………………………………………………..


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