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We Have A Visitor!

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We Have A Visitor!

You might already know from the new Sketchbook Stories series, or our newsletter/insta, but if not last week my little brother came to visit us all the way from California and get his first taste of #VANLIFE!! The trip really couldn’t have come at a better time because with Ody breaking down and needing a week at the mechanic to get a new water pump, we were homeless!! David showed up with a huge rental van and we got to explore the #Algarve and Costa Vicentina together. It really was a trip of a lifetime which meant capturing all the little moments was quite difficult. After he left I realized I hadn’t filmed meeting him, him leaving, most of our daily adventures, and turns out that is okay because Lou is an editing master and can still capture the feeling of the trip with so little footage to work with. Really hope you like this one Dave!!! Miss you already. Can’t wait for you to join the team one day 🙂 Love from #Portugal, Dana (& Lou) …………………….


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