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We Left Berlin!

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We Left Berlin!

Happy New Year!! Lou and I have taken a little hiatus from Youtube and Instagram the past few weeks, but we’re finally ready to share all that we’ve been up to. From moving out of Berlin to exploring Paris to even going to the Caribbean, the past two months have been quite a whirlwind. I’m excited to tell you that we finally feel completely recharged and ready to take on 2018. We have so much in the works for the next few months and can’t wait to share all the projects with you. In this video we meet up with our friend Ammar, from the Youtube Channel Yes Theory. He along with a few other friends have built a platform that is changing the world every single week. They challenge their audience to go outside of their comfort zone, commit to their dreams, and we feel so lucky to have connected with them. Please check out their latest video – it won’t let you down.… We also meet up with our dear friend Emy, who we first met a few years back when we came to Paris with my parents to celebrate my 25th birthday. Emy is one of the bravest people we know. She continues to put herself out there, challenging societal norms and expressing her political views regularly both in French and in English on her channel – Rewatching our video was the perfect reminder to kick off two of my intentions for the new year – practicing gratitude and being present. I find myself feeling transported when I watch this style of Lou’s videos with the beautiful montages of life’s little moments, which seems strange because I was the one who actually lived through them. And while I think that learning to meditate in 2016 and continuing that practice in 2017 has helped me become much more focused on remembering to pull back into the present moment, I want to make an extra effort this year as we’re traveling in the van meeting so many people, experiencing new things every day, to recognize my gifts in the moment and focus on the little beauties in life.


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