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We’re in London! (Snippet 18)

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We’re in London! (Snippet 18)

Lou and I spent the last week in London with my parents and grandfather. Sometimes travel is all about trying to fit in as much “culture” into every hour you’re there, so that when you leave you feel as those all those new tastes, new smells, new sights blend together into one memory with the city’s name as a label. Those trips are incredible, but sometimes the most special trips have nothing to do with the place you’re visiting, but instead are about the people your with and our trip to London was definitely all about the people. So thanks for watching this little tribute to our time spent with my family – we have a few stories coming out in the following weeks showing a different side to the UK, but couldn’t resist creating a little piece of nostalgia that I know I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. As for this week’s question for those of you who read these blurbs :: – What is the most memorable trip of your life and who did you go with? It could be somewhere far or somewhere near!


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